Don’t Suffer Domestic Violence in Silence – The Courts Can Protect You

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There is no need for domestic violence victims to suffer in silence when the family courts have such extensive powers to protect them. In one case which proved the point, a mother who endured 11 years of torture at her partner’s hands was doing well after being moved to a place of safety with her three young children.

The arrogant and self-righteous father had been banned by a family judge from making any attempt to contact the mother and children, aged seven, five and three. Even if he managed to find out where they were living, he was forbidden – on pain of imprisonment – to go within 500 metres of their home or the children’s school.

In refusing the father permission to appeal against that order, the Court of Appeal described the judge’s decision as unassailable. Now free of him, the mother and children were making good progress but there was no evidence that his attitude towards his family had changed in the slightest.