Notary Services

As well as being part of our Private Client Team Alison Daly is also a Notary Public operating from Nichols Marcy Dawson LLP.

A notary is a public officer whose official seal and signature is recognised all over the world as a reliable source of evidence of the facts and events that he or she records and verifies.

You will normally need to see a notary in connection with documents that are being sent abroad.  For individuals this may include among others the following situations:

  • Powers of Attorney for use overseas
  • Buying and selling property abroad
  • Affidavits and Statutory Declarations
  • Permission to travel documents
  • Evidence of your identity for foreign officials
  • Authenticating and certifying documents as true copies.

Companies may need the services of a Notary in the following situations:

  • Certifying and authenticating Companies House documents
  • Witnessing the execution of powers of attorney by authorised company officers
  • Certifying and authenticating documents to assist with the opening of branches or bank accounts abroad
  • Certifying the identity of company directors or other company officers
  • Witnessing the execution of company documents
  • Certifying board resolutions and minutes.

In order to be accepted overseas your documents may need to be legalised by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office or by the consulate of the country concerned, depending on the country where the document is to be used, your Notary can arrange this for you.

If you require the services of a Notary, you will need to prove your identity before notarising can begin. The Notary will also have to satisfy him/herself that you understand the nature of the document and that the documents are valid.

For more information on the Notarial services offered, please call Alison Daly on 01932 219500 or email