Twins Let Down by Social Workers Win £40,000 Human Rights Damages

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Divorce – 50/50 Splits Are Fair, but What About Post-Separation Earnings?

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Irish High Court Orders Return of ‘Abducted’ Baby Girl to England

International child abduction is an increasing problem, but cross-border cooperation can achieve great things in curtailing it. In a good example, the High Court of Ireland acceded to an English local authority’s request for the return of a baby girl who was unlawfully removed from the UK by her parents. The girl was just a few months old when she was made subject to an interim care order and removed from her parents’ care. She was sent to live with her paternal grandmother after the council expressed concern that her mother had falsely reported the child as suffering from non-existent medical problems. Fearing that their baby would be placed for adoption, the couple removed the child from the grandmother’s home covertly by night and took her to Ireland. The child's disappearance sparked emergency contact between British and Irish police, but the ... Read more

Straightforward Honesty Is the Best Route to a Stress-Free Divorce

Any good family lawyer will tell you that the best way of minimising the expense and stress of divorce proceedings is to be straightforwardly honest. The point was well made by a case in which a successful property developer paid heavily for his misguided attempts to deny his ex-wife a just settlement. During their 25-year-marriage, the couple, who had three children, enjoyed a lavish lifestyle, spending substantial sums on holidays, restaurants, works of art and jewellery. Post separation, however, the husband claimed that his business had fallen into grave difficulties and that his liabilities exceeded the total value of the marital assets by more than £8 million. The wife argued that he had fabricated or exaggerated those liabilities in an attempt to defeat her claim. In ruling on the matter, a judge accepted that some of the husband’s development projects had ... Read more
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