Straightforward Honesty Is the Best Route to a Stress-Free Divorce

Straightforward Honesty Is the Best Route to a Stress-Free Divorce

Any good family lawyer will tell you that the best way of minimising the expense and stress of divorce proceedings is to be straightforwardly honest. The point was well made by a case in which a successful property developer paid heavily for his misguided attempts to deny his ex-wife a just settlement. During their 25-year-marriage, the couple, who had three children, enjoyed a lavish lifestyle, spending substantial sums on holidays, restaurants, works of art and jewellery. Post separation, however, the husband claimed that his business had fallen into grave difficulties and that his liabilities exceeded the total value of the marital assets by more than £8 million. The wife argued that he had fabricated or exaggerated those liabilities in an attempt to defeat her claim. In ruling on the matter, a judge accepted that some of the husband’s development projects had ... Read more

High Court Stamps on Illicit Live Streaming of Boxing Matches Online

Unauthorised online streaming of major sporting events, depriving organisers of their legitimate revenues, is ever on the increase. However, as a case in which the High Court came to the aid of a boxing match promoter showed, the law is far from powerless to deal with the problem. The bouts organised by the promoter that were most popular with boxing fans were televised under an exclusive deal with a broadcaster on a pay-per-view basis. Honest punters paid about £20 to watch a match, but the system was being circumvented by a number of online servers that live streamed footage to fans’ screens for free or at a much reduced price. Such servers were operating in wholesale breach of both the promoter’s and the broadcaster’s intellectual property rights. After the promoter launched proceedings, the Court issued an injunction that required the six ... Read more

Vineyard Owner Divorcee Pays Price for Ignoring Court Orders

Burying your head in the sand and ignoring court orders is a good way of ensuring defeat in litigation. A wealthy vineyard owner engaged in a big money divorce case found that out to his cost after failing to meet his obligations to his estranged wife. The businessman, aged 70, and his 50-year-old wife separated after having two sons together. Having settled with the children in England, she launched divorce proceedings in London, about a month before her husband did the same in his native France. An English judge accepted jurisdiction to consider her petition on the basis that she was by then habitually resident in this country. As an interim measure, the husband was ordered to pay his wife more than £4,000 a month in maintenance and to contribute to her legal costs. However, deeply unhappy at the prospect of ... Read more

Restoration of Listed Mansion’s Roof Triggers High Court Planning Row

Owners of listed buildings carry heavy responsibilities and any restoration work must generally be in keeping with the original. In a High Court case on point, the owners of a historic mansion dramatically disagreed with planners as to the type of tiles that should be used in re-roofing the property. The mansion, built in the early 20th century, was grade II* listed as a prime example of the Arts and Crafts style. However, its stone roof tiles had reached the end of their useful life and water was getting into the property. Its owners favoured re-roofing it with a man-made reproduction slate. They said that would give the most authentic look and their proposals were backed by a number of conservation bodies. The local authority disagreed, however, and refused consent for the project under the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) ... Read more
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