Ex-Wife Battles to Re-Open £1.6 Million Divorce

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A divorcee who accepted $100,000 in full and final settlement of her financial claims against her ex-husband – but later uncovered evidence that he owned a prime plot of land worth about £1.6 million – has had her hopes of re-opening her case boosted by the Court of Appeal.

The wife had suspected that the husband owned land in Jordan but settled her case against him after he assured her through solicitors that that was not the case. Subsequent inquiries, however, indicated that he did in fact own such a plot, it having been put in his name by his father.

The husband argued that the land was ‘beneficially’ owned by his father. However, in granting the wife permission to appeal, the Court found it arguable that there had been ‘significant non-disclosure’ by the husband. If the wife’s appeal succeeds, the way will be open for her to seek a much more substantial payout.