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Unmarried Mum Eligible for Widowed Parents Allowance

The Supreme Court has announced today its decision in an important case for unmarried partners of people who have died. When a Northern Ireland woman’s partner of 23 years died, she was denied Widowed Parents Allowance (a statutory benefit paid to widowed spouses with minor children). The Court has ruled that that denial is incompatible with human rights law, a decision which should unlock the door for claims to be made across the UK for those in similar circumstances. Read more

Legal Advice Essential If You Want to Win Your Employment Case

Busy courts and tribunals do not wait on your convenience and a failure to engage in proceedings can result in your claim being struck out without a hearing. Exactly that happened to one worker who chose to fight his employment case without the benefit of legal advice. Following his dismissal, the man lodged numerous, unfocused, complaints with an Employment Tribunal (ET). He said that he had been deprived of sick pay, that he had overheard co-workers making racist and Islamophobic comments, and that management had failed to tackle such intolerant attitudes. In a detailed response, his former employer denied those claims and said, amongst other things, that he had been dismissed following a fair and proper disciplinary process. After the man failed to attend a case management conference and only fittingly responded to requests for information, the ET struck out his ... Read more

Retrieving Gifts from Former Loved Ones Can Be an Uphill Struggle!

Those who shower presents on loved ones, or share property with them, sadly often come to regret their generosity after relationships sour. However, as one case showed, it is extremely difficult to retrieve such gifts after the event. The case concerned a lengthy same-sex relationship between a businesswoman and a law graduate that had broken up acrimoniously. Whilst they were together, the businesswoman had given the graduate designer shoes, handbags, jewellery and an Aston Martin car. She had also transferred to her about £400,000 in cash. She had registered a property, worth about £1.7 million, in their joint names. After the businesswoman launched proceedings, she argued that the cash the graduate received from her was in the form of loans. She alleged that the graduate had provided nothing in return for the luxury goods and that she had procured a half ... Read more

What Is A ‘Useful Purpose’ In Planning Terms? High Court Guidance

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