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Judgment of Solomon in Family Dispute over £8 Million Porcelain Collection

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Warning – New HMRC Hoax Threatens Private Individuals

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You Don’t Have to Be Poor to Be Financially Dependent

In an important decision which helped to define the legal concept of dependency, the High Court ruled – in the context of a claim for reasonable provision under a will – that a person may be reliant on another’s financial support without being in any way short of money. A man in his 90s had lived for 20 years with his younger partner in a village home that was owned by her alone. He was significantly better off than she was and, in the belief that she would outlive him, he had made a will, leaving her a substantial sum. He had never made any claim on her home and had no expectation that she would leave him anything. In the event, she died before him, leaving everything, including the house, to her daughter and only child. The latter wished to ... Read more

Deathbed Wills Are a Very Bad Idea! See a Solicitor Today!

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