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Judge Backs Reclusive Stroke Victim’s Family and Friends

A reclusive football supporter (BM), who became the focus of a legal dispute as he lay in a hospital bed after suffering a massive stroke, will have his financial affairs and property managed by a reliable cousin following a family judge’s ruling. Religion and football were the man’s only interests, but he had rarely left his home and had never been to see his favourite football team play due to the agoraphobia which had blighted his life. Since suffering a catastrophic brain haemorrhage, he had been in hospital, receiving 24-hour care. BM’s total assets, including his home and a bank account containing £138,000, came to over £400,000. There was no dispute that he lacked capacity to manage his own affairs and an issue therefore arose as to who should be appointed as BM’s deputy to perform that role for his benefit. A ... Read more
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