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Like VAT – It’s The One At The End That Always Foots The Bill

One of the things I always liked (well, the only thing, really) about VAT (sorry, as well as growing our practice fast, my other job was doing the complex VAT stuff) is that it is always clear who pays the VAT…it is the poor sucker at the end of the line…the consumer.   Now that isn’t true of a lot of expenses. Take for example, a conversation I had a while back with the marketing people from a mid-tier firm. They had gone to tender for a new website (it could have been anything, the principles are general). Three firms had tendered. They’d chosen one.   I am not going to get caught up in how convoluted and longwinded this process clearly was, except to say that their internal decision-making costs clearly dwarfed the hard spend (I’d reckon the two together easily ran ... Read more

Why My Local Isn’t My Local Any More – Why Client Opinions Count

I used to go to a pub when I was a student and when we moved back to the area my family started going there again a couple of times a month.  It was never the Ritz, but over the years it has become a bit run down…but the beer was still immaculately kept and the food was good and good value.  It was our local for years and years. During that time, it continued running down gradually. The carpet was never replaced, and the furniture just got older and older. We carried on: same good beer, same good food. To find out why it went wrong and what it means for your business see my linked-in blog. Read more

Boyd Butler’s Journey

Boyd Butler’s Legal RSS journey how to log in and get started how to set up custom feed banner set up banner preview and edit create another custom feed and banner   Within minutes the respinse was ‘Loving your system’.   Read more

Why Your SEO (Probably) Won’t Work

Recognise these guys? They are called Larry and Sergey. They founded Google in 1995. In 1999 they got $25 million from some venture capitalists. They are now listed on the NASDAQ (valued at roughly $400 billion) and responsible to shareholders that care a heck of a lot more about the fact that their shares went down $15 yesterday (20/21 Oct) than they do about you. Google’s problem is that to be useful, they have to make it possible for people to find stuff….but to make money they have to show people the stuff they charge other people to show you. It’s a balancing act, but in simple terms, if Larry and Sergey make it too easy for people to find stuff that isn’t paid for their share price will fall and their shareholders will be angry.  Fortunately for them, lots of ... Read more
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